What kind of time commitment is required for team participation?

Regardless of the program, families are committing to the full season and should be prepared to allocate sufficient time for practices, games, and any additional tournament or event obligations. It is important to carefully evaluate and select a team type that aligns with your family's availability and commitment level.

Below is what to expect for each program:

Fall Ball Program

Families can expect a time commitment of approximately ten weeks, from August to October. During this period, teams have two training sessions per week, in addition to participating in Fall Series Volley-Fest tournaments. While the Fall Ball Program offers a more relaxed atmosphere, it still requires a dedicated commitment to attend practices and games.

Local Program

The Local Program demands a longer commitment, spanning seven months from November to the team's final tournament in May. Teams typically have one practice session per week, usually scheduled on weekends, along with the option of attending an optional skills clinic. Families are expected to commit to the regular practice schedule and tournament participation during this period.

Travel Program

The Travel Program entails the most significant time commitment. It lasts between seven to nine months, depending on the age group and final tournament dates. Teams within the Travel Program practice two to three times per week and participate in SCVA tournaments that run until June. Select teams may also attend Junior National Qualifiers, College Recruiting events, and Post-Season tournaments, adding further time and travel obligations. Families considering the Travel Program should be prepared for a more rigorous schedule and increased travel requirements.

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