What are the differences between Cali, Fall Ball, Local, and Travel Programs/Teams?

Cali Program

The Cali Program is an exciting volleyball experience in the Fall, Winter, and Spring. With open enrollment, it caters to beginner to intermediate players in grades 4 to 12. There are typically 1-3 clinics per week and optional Cali Tournaments held at SoCal Volleyball Club. The program provides excellent skill development opportunities, friendly competition, and a supportive community. Register for Cali at: socalvbc.com/cali

Fall Ball Program

The Fall Ball Program is an alternative to your school team. It's a seasonal commitment lasting approximately ten weeks, from late August to the team's last tournament in October. Teams have two weekly training sessions and participate in Fall Series Volley-Fest tournaments in Rancho Bernardo. Fall Ball Player Evaluations take place in August.

Local Program

The Local Program is a seven-month commitment from November to the team's last tournament in May. Teams practice once per week, usually on weekends, with an optional skills clinic available. They compete in Volley-Fest tournaments in Rancho Bernardo. Player evaluations for the Local Program occur in November.

Travel Program

The Travel Program requires a training commitment of up to nine months, although the exact duration varies depending on the age level and the final tournament date. "Regional" Travel teams in this program practice twice per week. "National" and "Premier" Travel teams practice three times per week. All teams participate in SCVA tournaments that continue into June for 12-17U teams and April/May for 18U teams.

Additionally, National and Premier teams within the Travel Program attend Junior National Qualifiers, College Recruiting events, and Post-Season tournaments, which offer enhanced competitive opportunities.

Tryouts for 10-14U Travel teams are conducted in October, while tryouts for 15-18U teams occur in July. Once the teams are formed, training commences in November for 10-14U teams and in December for 15-18U teams.

View a program comparison in a table format here.

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